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    MobileMonday Colombo is an initiative by the Centre of Excellence for Telco and Mobility

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    MobileMonday Colombo

    MobileMonday Colombo is an initiative by the Centre of Excellence for Telco and Mobility; a group within SLASSCOM.

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MOMO Colombo
MobileMonday is one of the largest communities of mobile technology visionaries, futurists, developers and influentials. Ideas, trends and best practices are shared through live and virtual networking events. With the 101st chapter launch in Colombo, Read more…

Mobile and Telco CoE
The SLASCOM Mobile & Telco Center of Excellence (CoE) was set up with the vision to bring together leading solution providers, education institutes and service providers in advancing the fast growing Mobile & Telco IT/BPO Industry.


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You can get involved with MoMo Colombo and volunteer to share your ideas, insights, spare on/off-line time in building the network. Contact us on momo@slasscom.lk


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Mobile and Telco Center of Excellence

About Us

hat started off as an informal meeting between a few mobile visionaries in Helsinki, Finland year 2000; has grown in to a global phenomenon with chapters in over 100 countries. The MobileMonday network consists of passionate mobile technology enthusiasts fostering innovation, cooperation and cross border business development. Networking events take place both live and virtually where ideas, best practices and trends are shared. Mobile Monday has the following objectives: • To encourage innovation within the mobile sector. • To facilitate networking between small and large companies, and between local and foreign. • To help local companies effectively participate in international initiatives through the import and export of visions, concepts, technologies, know-how and best practices. • To present innovative visions, trends, studies and forecasts from the mobile marketplace. • To facilitate and create partnerships. • To contribute to the education of the broader public through its publications, online presence and media partnerships. Mobile Monday is driven by a group of dedicated volunteers from around the world.

MobileMonday Colombo

obileMonday Colombo is an initiative by the Centre of Excellence for Telco and Mobility; a group within SLASSCOM. MoMo Colombo is a single forum to bring together the mobile community; the telcos, software providers, hardware suppliers, academia and users. As a part of the global MobileMonday community, MoMo Colombo hopes to promote collaboration and innovation among the Sri Lankan Mobile entrepreneurs. It will also open up opportunities to integrate with the international mobile community through its worldwide network. You can get involved with MoMo Colombo and volunteer to share your ideas, insights, spare on/off-line time in building the network. Contact us on momo@slasscom.lk

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MOMO Colombo Members

Mobile Monday June 2013


The second Mobile Monday session for 2013 was held at QBAA on 24th June. The keynote speaker was Mr. Erandika Hungampola, the head of Colombo ISQ Mobile Practice at Virtusa Corporation.
Session Topic - Mobile application development challenge : Enhance the quality while lowering the cost.
Synopsis - The growth of the Smart Phone market and along with it the hunger for mobile apps, seem to be growing at a phenomenal pace. This presents developers with a host of opportunities to develop unique apps with a faster time to market. As a developer one challenge that presents itself is how to ensure a mobile app doesn’t destroy the phone memory, CPU and battery. Erandika will discuss the 7 golden best practices of handset optimization and share a case study that demonstrates how the said best practices improved app performance and reduced development and testing costs.

Mobile Monday February 2013

MOMO feb 2013

Mobile Monday February 2013 was held at the Bay Leaf on the 18th. The keynote speaker on the occasion was Dr. Geoff Gregson, Associate Professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship at the University Of Edinburgh Business School.
Session Topic - Commercializing and Protecting Your Ideas & Intellectual Property: Focusing on the mobile application industry

Synopsis - A weak approach to IP proven to be disastrous to emerging businesses/ entrepreneurs as mistakes will be very costly to rectify down the road. Your business may have a wealth of IP but you may not know it. Most of the emerging businesses failed to maintain confidentiality and ownership of their IP. Dr Geoff will discuss the options to protect your ideas and commercialization strategies of your IP paying attention to IP infringements

Mobile Monday November 2012

Mobile Monday Colombo

Mobile Monday Colombo relaunched on the 14th of November at the Colombo Courtyard, with the keynote speaker being Mr. Gerad Rego, the head of developer experience at Nokia India.
Session Topic - Mobility – Next cycle, opportunities and scale

Synopsis -  Mobility represents the next cycle of the industry and countries such as in Asia, South America and others with similar socio economics the opportunity for innovation, technology and services and investing are at an inflection point. So whether entrepreneurs, technologists, R&D, enterprises or governments the next cycle will represent new opportunities that have started to play out across the ecosystem from developers and telecom carriers to markets and consumers. Business models are at the heart of this change. The talk will outline a few current and next cycle as critical directions for all in the audience to interact with and to explore what and how we can collaborate together to leverage these opportunities that serve vast markets such as India and China.

Mobile Leaders’ Conclave March 2011

Mobile Monday Colombo

The Mobile Leaders’ Conclave organized by the Colombo chapter of Mobile Monday was held at the Galadari Hotel on the 11th of March 2011, with the keynote speaker being Mr. Raomal Perera, the founder of Valista.

Session Topic – The Role of Mobile in Cloud World

Synopsis – Cloud computing is considered one of the most recent disruptive shifts in the technology world. As players in the world of Mobile, what does it mean to us, what are the opportunities and threats? Are we ready for it? We are joined by Raomal Perera founder of Valista and a veteran in the technology world as he shares his views and experience.

The Launch of The MoMo Colombo Chapter

Mobile Monday Colombo Launch

The MoMo Colombo chapter launch was held at the Galadari Hotel, Colombo. Well known personalities in the Mobile technology world was with us for the launch event – Jari Tammisto, CEO/President at MobileMonday Global Mikki Jang,Director of Communications and Strategy, Mobile Monday Global Oy Teemu Kiijarvi, Co-Founder Mobile Monday South Africa Lars Cosh-Ishi, Director Mobikyo K.K. Madanmohan Rao, Director Research Projects MobileMonday

MoMo June 2013 – Tackling the Mobile Application Development Challenge

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2013’s First Mobile Monday

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Mobile Monday Colombo returns with a bang

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MoMo expands its horizon

With the launch of chapters in Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Palestine, MoMo will further expand its network of mobile technology enthusiasts. MoMo will also be celebrating the launch of its 100th chapter with the launch in Pakistan. With Mobile penetration increasing in these markets, it will be a hotbed for Mobility related innovations to be carried [...]

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